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Crafting Recipes in Coral Cafe

FarmVille Coral Cafe Recipes

Hi Farmers, in this post I'm gonna show you all the recipes which you can craft in the new Coral Cafe of Atlantis Farm..So,below you can see a chart which includes the details of recipes like their star level requirements, recipe names, bushels required to craft the recipe and mastery numbers...We hope this will help you to craft the recipes on time so that you can move faster in your quests...

Shellfish Surprise
3 Shellfish Bushel3 Plankton Bushel3 Onion Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
4 hrs8 hrs12 hrs

Sea Biscuit
3 Sea Sponge Bushel3 Coral Bushel3 Wheat Bushel13/23/33/43/53360 mins
8 hrs15 hrs 54 mins11 hrs 30 mins

Salt Water Taffy
3 Ambrosia Bushel3 Shellfish Bushel3 Blueberry Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
19 hrs 54 mins4 hrs3 hrs 48 mins

Sea Melon Sorbet
3 Seawatermelon Bushel3 Urchinberry Bushel3 Sugar Cane Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
12 hrs12 hrs8 hrs
Coral Cake
3 Coral Bushel3 Jellyfruit Bushel4 Blackberry Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
15 hrs 54 mins19 hrs 54 mins3 hrs 48 mins

Lava Nachos
3 Lava Lotus Bushel2 Manta Mushroom Bushel3 Pepper Bushel13/23/33/43/53360 mins
15 hrs 54 mins12 hrs23 hrs

Plankton Smoothie
3 Plankton Bushel2 Seaweed Bushel4 Strawberry Bushel13/23/33/43/53360 mins
8 hrs23 hrs3 hrs 48 mins
Jellyfish Jam
3 Jellyfruit Bushel3 Seawatermelon Bushel3 White Grape Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
19 hrs 54 mins12 hrs12 hrs

Seaweed Souffle
3 Seaweed Bushel3 Manta Mushroom Bushel3 Rye Bushel19/29/39/49/59360 mins
23 hrs12 hrs19 hrs 54 mins

Urchinberry Pie
3 Urchinberry Bushel4 Sea Sponge Bushel3 Grape Bushel19/29/39/49/59360 mins
12 hrs8 hrs12 hrs

Sea Spongecake
3 Sea Sponge Bushel3 Triton Turnip Bushel3 Coffee Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
8 hrs19 hrs 54 mins8 hrs

7 Leagues Bean Dip
3 Manta Mushroom Bushel3 Bubble Bean Bushel3 Rice Bushel19/29/39/49/59360 mins
12 hrs23 hrs12 hrs
Sea Rock Candy
4 Coral Bushel4 Aquamarine Rose Bushel3 Red Tulip Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
15 hrs 54 mins46 hrs23 hrs

Sea Cucumber Salad
3 Sea Cucumber Bushel2 Carrot Gold Bushel4 Carrot Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
15 hrs 54 mins69 hrs12 hrs

Triton Turnover
3 Triton Turnip Bushel3 Salty Squash Bushel3 Rhubarb Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
19 hrs 54 mins23 hrs16 hrs

Oxy Juice
3 Bubble Bean Bushel3 Ambrosia Bushel4 Lilac Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
23 hrs19 hrs 54 mins9 hrs 30 mins
Treasure Tots
3 Pirate Potato Bushel3 Salty Squash Bushel3 Golden Poppy Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
46 hrs23 hrs23 hrs

Iceberg Salad
3 Sea Cucumber Bushel2 Carrot Gold Bushel3 Mint Candy Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
15 hrs 54 mins69 hrs23 hrs

Lava Tart
3 Aquamarine Rose Bushel3 Lava Lotus Bushel3 Sunflower Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
46 hrs15 hrs 54 mins12 hrs

3 Ambrosia Bushel3 Bubble Bean Bushel3 Pineapple Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
19 hrs 54 mins23 hrs8 hrs
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