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FarmVille Atlantis Farm Recipes

Like every new farm in Farmville, Atlantis will also its own unique Crafting Recipes, that you will be able to make and master in the Atlantis Craftshop.

Atlantis Farm Recipes

 Here is a list of Recipes which we can craft in the Atlantis Craftshop.

Treasure TotsSeaweed SouffleCoral CakeOxy JuiceUrchin’berry PieSea Cucumber Salad
Shellfish SurprizeLava TartLava NachosSea Sponge CakeSalt Water TaffySea Melon Sorbet
Plankton Smoothie7 Leagues Bean DipTriton TurnoversSea SicklesSea BiscuitJellyfish Jam
Iceberg Salad
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