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Guide to craft recipes in FarmVille Spa!


Below is a text chart of the various recipes that we can make in the Spa Crafting building.
Their bushel requirements, mastery level requirements, and also their requirements with respect to the building level required to craft that recipe.

Begonia Sachet
3 Begonia Bushel3 Lentil Bushel1 Morning Glory Bushel20/30/50/75/100360 mins
23 hrs13 hrs 54 mins11 hrs 30 mins

Daylily Perfume
3 Daylily Bushel2 Sunflower Bushel3 Lilac Bushel20/30/50/75/100360 mins
16 hrs2 hrs9 hrs 30 mins

Floral Perfume
4 Blueberry Bushel4 Morning Glory Bushel20/30/50/75/100360 mins
3 hrs 48 mins11 hrs 30 mins

Fresh Sachet
3 Pumpkin Bushel3 Cranberry Bushel1 Sunflower Bushel20/30/50/75/100360 mins
8 hrs8 hrs2 hrs

Gingerbread Candle
3 Gingerbread Bushel3 Green Tea Bushel3 Gladiolus Bushel20/30/50/75/100360 mins
7 hrs 54 mins9 hrs 30 mins6 hrs

Marigold Lotion
3 Yellow Marigold Bushel3 Flax Bushel1 Raspberry Bushel20/30/50/75/100360 mins
15 hrs 54 mins11 hrs 54 mins30 mins

Marigold Soap
3 Orange Marigold Bushel3 Yellow Marigold Bushel1 Aloe Vera Bushel20/30/50/75/100360 mins
23 hrs15 hrs 54 mins6 hrs

Seaweed Soap
2 Kelp Bushel3 Green Tea Bushel4 Aloe Vera Bushel20/30/50/75/100360 mins
11 hrs 30 mins9 hrs 30 mins6 hrs

Herbal Lotion
4 Aloe Vera Bushel4 Green Tea Bushel20/30/50/75/100360 mins
6 hrs9 hrs 30 mins

Zinfandel Sachet
2 Zinfandel Bushel3 Green Tea Bushel3 Lilac Bushel20/30/50/75/100360 mins
23 hrs9 hrs 30 mins9 hrs 30 mins
Relaxation Oil
4 Blackberry Bushel4 Morning Glory Bushel23/33/50/75/100360 mins
30 mins11 hrs 30 mins

Devotion Perfume
3 Blueberry Bushel3 Lilac Bushel2 Basil Bushel23/33/50/75/100360 mins
3 hrs 48 mins9 hrs 30 mins9 hrs 30 mins

Dill Candle
3 Dill Bushel3 Pepper Bushel2 Green Tea Bushel23/33/50/75/100360 mins
12 hrs23 hrs9 hrs 30 mins

Flower Lei
3 Double Pikake Bushel1 Daffodil Bushel2 Lily Bushel23/33/50/75/100360 mins
17 hrs 54 mins8 hrs23 hrs

Mint Lotion
2 Mint Candy Bushel3 Aloe Vera Bushel3 Lilac Bushel23/33/50/75/100360 mins
23 hrs6 hrs9 hrs 30 mins

Petal Sachet
1 Iris Bushel2 Sunflower Bushel1 Pepper Bushel23/33/50/75/100360 mins
23 hrs2 hrs23 hrs
Dreamy Scented Oil
1 Lavender Bushel1 Pink Rose Bushel5 Raspberry Bushel26/36/50/75/100360 mins
46 hrs46 hrs30 mins

Energizing Lotion
1 Red Tulip Bushel3 Aloe Vera Bushel3 Blackberry Bushel26/36/50/75/100360 mins
23 hrs6 hrs30 mins

Lily Bath Bomb
4 Lily Bushel4 Peppermint Bushel4 Columbine Bushel26/36/50/75/100360 mins
23 hrs23 hrs4 hrs

Lily of the Valley Soap
1 Lily Bushel3 Blueberry Bushel3 Morning Glory Bushel26/36/50/75/100360 mins
23 hrs3 hrs 48 mins11 hrs 30 mins

Restoring Candle
4 Green Tea Bushel2 Ghost Chili Bushel1 Sunflower Bushel26/36/50/75/100360 mins
9 hrs 30 mins6 hrs2 hrs
Iris Soap
2 Iris Bushel3 Aloe Vera Bushel1 Sunflower Bushel29/39/50/75/100360 mins
23 hrs6 hrs2 hrs

Meditation Candle
3 Lemon Balm Bushel3 Green Tea Bushel2 Ginger Bushel29/39/50/75/100360 mins
6 hrs9 hrs 30 mins2 hrs

Pick Me Up Sachet
3 Lemon Balm Bushel2 Coffee Bushel3 Basil Bushel29/39/50/75/100360 mins
6 hrs14 hrs9 hrs 30 mins

Rejuvenating Mask
4 Cucumber Bushel4 Pumpkin Bushel4 Green Tea Bushel29/39/50/75/100360 mins
23 hrs8 hrs9 hrs 30 mins
Aged Spice Cologne
6 Coffee Bushel6 Pepper Bushel6 Lemon Balm Bushel32/42/50/75/100360 mins
14 hrs23 hrs6 hrs

Calming Bodywash
6 Lemon Balm Bushel6 Peppermint Bushel6 Aloe Vera Bushel32/42/50/75/100360 mins
6 hrs23 hrs6 hrs

Daffodil Lotion
1 Daffodil Bushel2 Aloe Vera Bushel2 Strawberry Bushel1 Lily Bushel32/42/50/75/100360 mins
8 hrs6 hrs3 hrs 48 mins23 hrs

Farmer''s Frenzy
2 Ginger Bushel1 Lavender Bushel2 Lilac Bushel2 Purple Poppy Bushel32/42/50/75/100360 mins
2 hrs46 hrs9 hrs 30 mins8 hrs

Transcendent Candle
1 Pink Rose Bushel1 Daffodil Bushel2 Lilac Bushel2 Morning Glory Bushel32/42/50/75/100360 mins
46 hrs8 hrs9 hrs 30 mins11 hrs 30 mins
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