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Guide to craft recipes in FarmVille Tiki Bar!

Hawaiian Tiki Bar

Below is a text chart of the various recipes that we can make in the Hawaiian Tiki Bar Crafting building. Their bushel requirements, mastery level requirements, and also their requirements with respect to the building level required to craft that recipe.

9 Taro Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
3 hrs 48 mins

1 Yellowfin Tuna Bushel4 Yellow Hibiscus Bushel2 Chickpea Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
23 hrs5 hrs 42 mins19 hrs 54 mins

Seaweed Soup
1 Kelp Bushel2 Oyster Bushel2 Spinach Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
11 hrs 30 mins3 hrs 48 mins14 hrs
Sweet and Sour Shrimp
1 Shrimp Bushel3 Yam Bushel3 Sugar Cane Bushel13/23/33/43/53360 mins
15 hrs 18 mins11 hrs 30 mins8 hrs

Pineapple Sunrise
3 Hilo Pineapple Bushel2 Double Pikake Bushel3 Strawberry Bushel13/23/33/43/53360 mins
13 hrs 54 mins17 hrs 54 mins3 hrs 48 mins

Shave Ice
2 Lilikoi Bushel2 Golden Sugar Cane Bushel3 White Grape Bushel13/23/33/43/53360 mins
15 hrs 54 mins23 hrs12 hrs

Steamed Crab
4 Rock Crab Bushel3 Hawaiian Ginger Bushel4 Bell Pepper Bushel13/23/33/43/53360 mins
23 hrs46 hrs46 hrs
Plantation Iced Tea
3 Yellow Hibiscus Bushel2 Lilikoi Bushel3 Blueberry Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
5 hrs 42 mins15 hrs 54 mins3 hrs 48 mins

Mussel Poke
2 Mussel Bushel1 Hawaiian Ginger Bushel2 Pepper Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
7 hrs 30 mins46 hrs23 hrs

Coffee & Cream
3 Kona Coffee Bushel2 Golden Sugar Cane Bushel3 Coffee Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
9 hrs 30 mins23 hrs8 hrs

Grilled Ono
1 Ono Bushel3 Hawaiian Ginger Bushel3 Soybean Bushel26/36/50/75/100360 mins
46 hrs46 hrs23 hrs
Pineapple Hash
3 Hilo Pineapple Bushel2 Mussel Bushel2 Leek Bushel19/29/39/49/59360 mins
13 hrs 54 mins7 hrs 30 mins16 hrs

Island Fried Rice
1 Hawaiian Ginger Bushel1 Ono Bushel3 Rice Bushel19/29/39/49/59360 mins
46 hrs46 hrs12 hrs

Island Punch
2 Double Pikake Bushel3 Kona Coffee Bushel3 Jalapeno Bushel19/29/39/49/59360 mins
17 hrs 54 mins9 hrs 30 mins8 hrs

Taro Croquette
4 Taro Bushel4 Onion Bushel4 Wheat Bushel29/39/50/75/100360 mins
3 hrs 48 mins12 hrs11 hrs 30 mins

Luau Cooler
3 Hawaiian Orchid Bushel4 Golden Sugar Cane Bushel4 Cranberry Bushel19/29/39/49/59360 mins
69 hrs23 hrs9 hrs 30 mins

Hilo Gumbo
4 Yam Bushel3 Hilo Pineapple Bushel4 Bell Pepper Bushel13/23/33/43/53360 mins
11 hrs 30 mins13 hrs 54 mins46 hrs
Shrimp Salad
1 Shrimp Bushel1 Ono Bushel3 Carrot Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
15 hrs 18 mins46 hrs12 hrs

Hawaiian Kabob
1 Yellowfin Tuna Bushel3 Taro Bushel3 Tomato Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
23 hrs3 hrs 48 mins8 hrs

Yam Fries
3 Yam Bushel2 Kelp Bushel3 Onion Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
11 hrs 30 mins11 hrs 30 mins12 hrs

Pineapple Daiquiri
6 Hilo Pineapple Bushel6 Golden Sugar Cane Bushel6 Lemon Balm Bushel32/42/50/75/100360 mins
13 hrs 54 mins23 hrs6 hrs

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