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Farmville Atlantis Marine Observatory

Farmville Atlantis Marine Observatory
Atlantis comes with some creative designs of building and thats the reason why I like this farm the most...
Well, in this post we are talking about the Atlantis Marine Observatory building.. So, check below for more info...
Atlantis Marine Observatory have 3 stages as shown below:
  Farmville Atlantis Marine Observatory

Pop up of Atlantis Marine Observatory: 

Farmville Atlantis Marine Observatory

Tutorials Images by Zynga's FarmVille to guide you how this buildings works:


Here is a preview how this building looks inside:

Farmville Atlantis Marine Observatory

You will be needing these materials to build the new Atlantis Marine Observatory:

Coral Chisel - 10 parts
Coral Chisel
Coral Hammer - Coral Hammer
Coral Hammer
Ultramarine Crystal - 10
Ultramarine Crystal

This time we will be having 5 different color fish scales to craft the Atlantis Animals...

Prveiw to all them shown below:
Green Fish ScaleOrange Fish ScalePurple Fish ScaleRed Fish ScaleYellow Fish Scale
Green Fish Scale
Orange Fish Scale
Purple Fish Scale
Red Fish Scale
Yellow Fish Scale
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