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Farmville Atlantis Chapter 7 Quests Guide

FarmVille & Zynga may soon releasing the Chapter 7 quests of Atlantis Farm, as always these quests are also be repeatable. And expected to roll out by 15th April, 2013 and will expire by 22nd April, 2013. Also, note these quests are specific to the Atlantis Farm and hence, before placing any quest item on other farms, make sure that the quest icon appears on that farm too, else their harvests might not count.
Quest IconFancy FeedingItem to AskReward
Quest 11. Get 7 Food Flakes
2. Harvest 100 Manta Mushrooms (12 Hours)
3. Harvest Atlantis Palace 2 Times
Ruby Betta Fish
Helpful Tips:Atlantis Palace can only be harvested once it 24 Hours, unless you pay Farmcash for it.Food FlakesRuby Betta Fish

Quest IconShear the LoveItem to AskReward
Quest 21. Get 8 Aquatic Shears
2. Harvest 150 Seaweed (23 Hours)
3. Harvest Ruby Betta Fish 2 Times
Aquatic ShearsAquatic Bonsai Tree
Helpful Tips:Harvest the Fish in the Marine Observatory.Aquatic ShearsAquatic Bonsai Tree

Quest IconJelly BellyItem to AskReward
Quest 31. Get 9 Jelly Bugs
2. Harvest 200 Pirate Potato (46 Hours)
3. Make Seaweed Souffle 2 Times
Jelly BugsAtlantean Dragon
Helpful Tips:Link to Coral Recipes!Jelly BugsAtlantean Dragon

Quest IconReef ReliefItem to AskReward
Quest 41. Get 9 Reef Lanterns
2. Harvest 225 Bubble Beans (23 Hours)
3. Master Ruby Betta Fish to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
Reef LanternsReef Forest
Helpful Tips:Harvest the Fish in Marine Observatory.Reef LanternsReef Forest

Quest IconCreating with CoralItem to AskReward
Quest 51. Get 10 White Corals
2. Harvest 250 Triton Turnip (19 Hours 54 Min)
3. Make 7 Leagues Bean Dip 2 Times
White CoralsAngel Reef Tree
Helpful Tips:Link to Coral Recipes!White CoralsAngel Reef Tree

Quest IconOutstanding OatsItem to AskReward
Quest 61. Get 12 Lightning Oats
2. Harvest 275 Ambrosia (19 Hours 54 mins)
3. Master Atlantean Dragon to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
Lightning OatAtlantis Peganarwhal
Helpful Tips:Harvest the Atlantean Dragon in Marine Observatory.Lightning OatAtlantis Peganarwhal

Total quantity of bushels required in this quests are shown as below:

 Bushels Quantity Needed  
Manta Mushroom12
Bubble Bean6
Total Bushels Required 36

In case you find any errors, please inform us in comments below. Also do check back this post because as we know more we add here :) Happy Questing
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