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FarmVille Rainforest Fountain aka Instant Grow Fountain

FarmVille Rainforest FountainHey Fans! I know you all have thousand reasons to hate Zynga's next farm release that is the Hanging Gardens, but I have one huge reason to love it and that is the Instant Grow Fountain from it. Wondering what it is? Well, the Instant Grow Fountain can be harvested once in a week for Instant Grows. How cool is that? Have Been waiting to get Free Instant Grows from ages. Now I'm very happy with Zynga's this move.

Here is a HD & Animated preview at Rainforest Fountain:

Rainforest Fountain
High Defition PreviewAnimated Preview

Wondering? How can you get one of these for your farm. Well, You will be rewarded with this fountain after unlocking all the rooms of Hanging Gardens Farm. Yes, Rooms Hanging Gardens Farm have five different rooms to unlock and these rooms named as, Botanical, Aztec, Jade, World and Gem Rooms.

Here is a dialog which depicting that after restoring your Garden you will be rewarded with the Instant Grow Fountain

So, are you excited to visit the Hanging Gardens farm soon for this special Reward? More information on the same as how it arrives in Zynga's Database...Till then Stay tuned to and if you find this post helpful do share it with your friends.
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