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Farmville Sweet Acres Farm: First Look

Farmville Planet bringing you an update of the soon to arrive Sweet Acres Farm dubbed by many as Candy Farm. This looks like its really going to be a sweet tooth Fantazia & it appears Mr Willy Wonka himself would feel right at home.

Farmville Sweet Acres

EARLY ACCESS: 29th July, 2013 (Monday)
GENERAL ACCESS5th August, 2013 (Monday)

Intro Video of the Sweet Acres:



The Travel Window is here :

Farmville Sweet Acres

Promo Sign :

Farmville Sweet Acres
Characters of the Sweet Acres Farm :

The Candy Maker's :


The Candy Maker's Wife :


The Candy Twin's :


Sweet Acres Treasures :

Small TreasureMedium TreasureLarge TreasureExtra Large Treasure
Small Treasure
Medium Treasure
Large Treasure
Extra Large Treasure

  1. To unlock Small Treasure you will need 10 Candy Scoops.
  2. To unlock Medium Treasure you will need 22 Candy Picks.
  3. To unlock Large Treasure you will need 28 Sugar Shovel.
  4. To unlock Extra Large Treasure you will need Extra Large 42 Sugar Shovel.

Preview of Candy Scoops, Candy Picks and Sugar Shovel:

Candy Scoops Candy Picks Sugar Shovel

Sweet Acres Vehicles :

Candy TractorCandy SeederCandy HarvesterCandy Combine
Candy Tractor
Candy Seeder
Candy Harvester
Candy Combine
Candy BiplaneCandy Orchard Harvester

Candy Biplane
Candy Orchard Harvester

Sweet Acres Unwither Rings :

The sweet Acres will also have its own unique Unwither Rings and these are expected to cost around 250 Farmcash. These are designed very creatively by the designer team at Zynga, they all looks stunning and beautifull. And the magical part is when the ring is closed it looks like a Amazing Cupcake. Here is a preview while its closed:
Different types of Sweet Acres Cupcakes Unwither Rings are shown below :

Platinum Crystal RingGold Crystal RingBlue Platinum Crystal RingBlue Gold Crystal Ring
Platinum Crystal Ring
Gold Crystal Ring
Blue Platinum Crystal Ring
Blue Gold Crystal Ring
Green Platinum Crystal RingGreen Gold Crystal RingPink Platinum Crystal RingPlatinum Red Crystal Ring
Green Platinum Crystal Ring
Green Gold Crystal Ring
Pink Platinum Crystal Ring
Platinum Red Crystal Ring
Platinum Red Crystal RingRed Gold Crystal Ring

Platinum Red Crystal Ring
Red Gold Crystal Ring

Background Music of the Farm :

Hit the play button to listen the Music.

Preview at the Full Farm:

Farmville Sweet Acres Farm

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Ps:- What do you think about this farm? Will you be travelling to this one or not?
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