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Farmville Sweet Acres Chapter 3 Quests Guide

Quest Story:- Welcome to Sweet Acres!

Start Time12th August, 2013
End Time: 19th August, 2013

Note:- These quests are repeatable and specific to the Sweet Acres Farm only hence, before placing any quest item on other farms, make sure that the quest icon appears on that farm too, else their harvests might not count. Quests requirements can be changed anytime as how Zynga Updates them. We do our best to keep you updated ASAP.

We love our dad. He works hard for us and all of the citizens of Sweet Acres! We miss the days when he had more time to spend with us. We know he does, too.

Quest 1The Good Old DaysItem to AskReward
Farmville Sweet Acres Chapter 3 Quest 1
  1. Get 7 Candy Crayons
  2. Harvest 70 Sugarbell
  3. Craft 1 Angel’s Halo in the Sugar Shack
    Candy Crayons
    Farmville Candy Crayon Tree
    Helpful Tips:For 3:- To make 1 Angel's Halo - You will need these bushels:- 3 Lotus Mint Bushels, 3 Sweet Tea Cups Bushels & 3 Sugar Cane Bushels.7 Candy CrayonsCandy Crayon Tree

    Speaking of art, did you know dad is also the best musician in Sweet Acres? It's true!

    Quest 2Music, Sweet MusicItem to AskReward
    Farmville Sweet Acres Chapter 3 Quest 2
    1. Get 8 Sweet Music
    2. Harvest 80 Gumdrop Daisy
    3. Harvest 150 Lollipop Twist
      Sweet Music
      Farmville Sweet Music Tree
      Helpful Tips:For 3:- Use the bushels for thr Lollipop Twist because you need the Level 1 Mastery in the 4 Step of these quests.8 Sweet MusicSweet Music Tree

      We used to take lots of fishing trips with dad before his creations kept him so busy. He tells us all the time that he wishes we could go more often.

      Quest 3Gone Fishin'Item to AskReward
      Farmville Sweet Acres Chapter 3 Quest 3
      1. Get 9 Fishing Canes
      2. Harvest 90 Drop Lemons
      3. Make 2 Unicorn Fizz in the Sweet Shop
        Fishing Canes
        Farmville Candy Fishin' Gnome
        Helpful Tips:For 3:- To make to 2 Unicorn Fizz - You will need 4 Confectioner's and it can be crafted into the Elixir Mixer Station of Sweet Shop.9 Fishing CanesCandy Fishin' Gnome

        Dad always encouraged me to follow my dreams. My brother dreamed of being a Gumball player, I always wanted to be a ballerina.

        Quest 4Tiny DancerItem to AskReward
        Farmville Sweet Acres Chapter 3 Quest 4
        1. Get 9 Sugar Slippers
        2. Harvest 100 Jellyanthemum
        3. Master Lollipop Twist to 1-Star
          Sugar Slippers

          Helpful Tips:For 3:- Use bushels for faster mastery of Lollipop Twist.9 Sugar SlippersSweet Ballerina Costume

          Mom and dad were really big on sweetseeing when we used to vacation. They were always so romantic with each other!

          Quest 5See the Sweets!Item to AskReward
          Farmville Sweet Acres Chapter 3 Quest 5
          1. Get 10 Sweetseeing Maps
          2. Harvest 110 Gumball Poppy
          3. Finish Building a Candy Paddock
            Sweetseeing Maps
            Farmville Sweet Baby Dragon
            Helpful Tips:For 3:- Go to market and in the search bar type Candy Paddock, from the results choose the one with coins and place it on the farm...Now you need parts to complete it, Use your Special Delivery boxes to fill the required parts.10 Sweetseeing MapsSweet Baby Dragon

            Dad has been so busy lately. I think he and mom could use a trip down memory lane.

            Quest 6Misty Candy Colored MemoriesItem to AskReward
            Farmville Sweet Acres Chapter 3 Quest 6
            1. Get 12 Happy Memories
            2. Harvest 120 Licorice Vine
            3. Craft 1 Stunning English Trifle in the Sugar Shack
              Happy Memories
              Farmville Sweet Dreams Unicorn
              Helpful Tips:For 3:- To make 1 Stunning English Trifle - You will need these bushels:- 4 Sugarbell Bushels, 2 Candy Jasmine Bushels and 3 Strawberry Bushels.12 Happy MemoriesSweet Dreams Unicorn

              In case you find any errors in the guide, please inform us in comments below. And if you find this guide helpful do share it with your friends. Also do check back this post because as we know more we add here. Happy Questing!
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