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Farmville Mystical Groves Adorable Animals

Do we really need another farm? This is the cry heard when there's talk of a new farm. But when everybody gets their eyes on the items on offer then maybe you'll change your mind?

Take a look at these Mystical Animals that are connected to the release of the new farm, the "Mystical Groves".

Mystical Groves Cows & Calfs
Farmville Ridgehorn CowFarmville Ridgehorn Calf
Farmville Water Spirit CowFarmville Water Spirit Calf
Ridgehorn CowRidgehorn CalfWater Spirit CowWater Spirit Calf

Ridgehorn CowRidgehorn CalfWater Spirit CowWater Spirit Calf
Farmville Dragi CowFarmville Dragi Calf
Banner BullBanner Bull Calf
Dragi CowDragi Calf

Mystical Groves Horses & Foals
Farmville Dark Fantasy UnicornFarmville Dark Fantasy Unicorn Foal
    Farmville Fairy Headdress UnicornFarmville Fairy Headdress Unicorn Foal
    Dark Fantasy UnicornDark Fantasy Unicorn FoalFairy Headdress UnicornFairy Headdress Unicorn Foal
    Farmville Moonlight UnicornFarmville Moonlight Unicorn Foal
      Farmville Purple Blaze UnicornFarmville Purple Blaze Unicorn Foal
      Moonlight UnicornMoonlight Unicorn FoalPurple Blaze UnicornPurple Blaze Unicorn
      Farmville Sunspot UnicornFarmville Sunspot Unicorn FoalFarmville White Gold UnicornFarmville White Gold Unicorn Foal
      Sunspot UnicornSunspot Unicorn Foal
        White Gold UnicornWhite Gold Unicorn Foal
        Farmville Elder UnicornFarmville Elder Unicorn FoalFarmville Light Brio UnicornFarmville Light Brio Unicorn Foal
        Elder UnicornElder Unicorn Foal
          Light Brio UnicornLight Brio Unicorn Foal
          Farmville Dark Brio UnicornFarmville Dark Brio Unicorn FoalFarmville Blazing UnicornFarmville Blazing Unicorn Foal
          Dark Brio UnicornDark Brio Unicorn Foal
            Blazing UnicornBlazing Unicorn Foal
            Phantom PegasusPhantom Pegasus Foal
              Violet Armored PegacornViolet Armored Pegacorn Foal
              Farmville Cursed UnicornFarmville Cursed Unicorn Foal
              Obsidian PegacornObsidian Pegacorn Foal
                Cursed UnicornCursed Unicorn Foal
                Farmville Dark UnicornFarmville Dark Unicorn FoalFarmville Underworld ZebraFarmville Underworld Zebra Foal
                Dark UnicornDark Unicorn Foal
                  Underworld ZebraUnderworld Zebra Foal
                  Farmville Golden Sparks UnicornFarmville Golden Sparks Unicorn FoalFarmville Red Smoke StallionFarmville Red Smoke Stallion Foal
                  Golden Sparks UnicornGolden Sparks Unicorn Foal
                    Red Smoke StallionRed Smoke Stallion Foal
                    Farmville Mystic Flame PegacornFarmville Mystic Flame Pegacorn Foal
                    Mystic Flame PegacornMystic Flame Pegacorn Foal
                      Twilight PegacornTwilight Pegacorn Foal
                      Farmville Skeleton StallionFarmville Skeleton Stallion FoalFarmville Spirit StallionFarmville Spirit Stallion Foal
                      Skeleton StallionSkeleton Stallion Foal
                        Spirit StallionSpirit Stallion Foal
                        Farmville Descending Dusk HorseFarmville Descending Dusk Foal
                        Descending Dusk HorseDescending Dusk Foal
                          Mystic PegacornMystic Pegacorn Foal
                          Farmville Mystical Gold HorseFarmville Mystical Gold Foal
                          Dark Scroll PegacornDark Scroll Pegacorn Foal
                            Mystical Gold HorseMystical Gold Foal
                            Nightmare HorseNightmare Foal
                              Violet Wave HorseViolet Wave Foal
                              Farmville Flaxenhair HorseFarmville Flaxenhair FoalFarmville Tree Spirit HorseFarmville Tree Spirit Foal
                              Flaxenhair HorseFlaxenhair Foal
                                Tree Spirit HorseTree Spirit Foal
                                Light Scroll PegacornLight Scroll Pegacorn Foal
                                  Fairy Wisp PegacornFairy Wisp Pegacorn Foal
                                  Dark Moth PegacornDark Moth Pegacorn Foal
                                    Aura PegacornAura Pegacorn Foal
                                    Black Butterfly PegacornBlack Butterfly Pegacorn Foal
                                      Dwarf DonkeyDwarf Donkey Foal
                                      Farmville Night Glow HorseFarmville Night Glow Foal
                                      Night Glow HorseNight Glow Foal
                                        Amber Bright PegacornAmber Bright Pegacorn Foal

                                        Mystical Groves Dream Deers & Fawns

                                          Amber Dream DeerAmber Dream FawnAstral Magic DeerAstral Magic Fawn

                                            Dark Ridge DeerDark Ridge FawnSaddled DeerSaddled Fawn
                                            Moon Speckled DeerMoon Speckled Fawn
                                              Shadow Dance DeerShadow Dance fawn
                                              Light Ridge DeerLight Ridge Fawn
                                                Peacock DeerPeacock Fawn

                                                Mystical Groves Peacocks

                                                  Gilded PeacockSorceress PeacockFiery PeacockGolden Ray Peacock

                                                  Mystical Groves Goat & Rams

                                                    Bright GoatLightning GoatRed Ember RamNightwood Ram
                                                    Twilight Goat

                                                    Mystical Groves Dragons

                                                      Phoenix DragonCloudwing DragonAmetrine DragonSunrise Dragon
                                                      White Mystical DragonAmethyst DragonBaby EmberDark Griffon Fledgling
                                                      Light Griffon FledglingDark Mane Dragon WhelpLight Mane Dragon WhelpMountain Dragon

                                                      Gryphon Hawk

                                                      Mystical Groves Foxs

                                                        Cloud FoxDark Tailed FoxFennic Fox
                                                        Peacock FoxRune FoxFirefly Fox

                                                        Mystical Groves Dogs

                                                          Sparkle AfghanPainted PuppyBright Puppy

                                                          Mystical Groves Phoenix

                                                            Dark Ember PhoenixColor Blaze PhoenixLight Ember Phoenix

                                                            Mystical Groves Wolfs

                                                              Shadowed WolfLight Panache WolfDark Panache Wolf

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                                                              More animals will be added shortly...
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