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Farmville Mystical Groves Chapter 6 Quests Guide

Quest Story:- Tattle knows Renara will return. She created Tattle, and we've always been together. But Merick...we mustn't lose our new friend, Farmer! He must have returned to the light side. We'll search there!

Start Time:- 21st October, 2013
End Time:- 28th October, 2013

Note:- These quests are repeatable and specific to the Mystical Groves Farm only hence, before placing any quest item on other farms, make sure that the quest icon appears on that farm too, else their harvests might not count. Quests requirements can be changed anytime as how Zynga Updates them. We do our best to keep you updated ASAP.

Alright. Time to gather our courage, Farmer! Onward to the other side for Merick!
Quest 1Light the WayItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 7 Light Maps
  2. Harvest 100 Kalanchoe (Harvest in 12 Hours)
  3. Craft Saving Salve 2 Times in the Alchemist's Shop
Fairyfly Duck
Helpful Tips:7 Light MapsFairyfly Duck
Merick? Where are you? MERICK! Tattle needs--oh look, over by Destiny Bridge!

You see, I'm not very confident that I can handle my kingdom. It's... overwhelming.
Quest 2Stress ReliefItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 8 Stress Balls
  2. Harvest 100 Yellow Dock (Harvest in 16 Hours)
  3. Harvest Fairyfly Duck 2 Times in the Duck Pond or Aviary
Dear Horn Dwarf
Helpful Tips:
8 Stress BallsDear Horn Dwarf
I don't know how Renara does it! I CAN'T do this! Maybe I should leave Mystical Groves entirely?

Let's go, Farmer, we need to find Renara before Merick flees Mystical Groves!
Quest 3Trail HuntItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 9 Footprint Trails
  2. Harvest 115 Burdock (Harvest in 20 Hours)
  3. Make Melody Mix 2 Times in the Apothecary
Violet Dryad Tree
Helpful Tips:
9 Footprint TrailsViolet Dryad Tree
There she is! Tattle knew she would return! She always does!

What? Merick plans to leave Mystical Groves? Farmer, we mustn't let that happen.
Quest 4To the RescueItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 9 Dragon Whistles
  2. Harvest 115 Dragon Vine (Harvest in 23 Hours)
  3. Master Fairyfly Duck to 1-Star (Total 5 Harvest Needed)
Pilot Dragon
Helpful Tips:For 3:- Harvest the Fairfly Duck in the Duck Pond or Avairy.9 Dragon WhistlesPilot Dragon
Don't fret, Farmer, we'll convince Merick to stay!

Merick! I'm so glad we've found you. I'm so sorry for hurting your feelings!
Quest 5Saying SorryItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 10 Scarves
  2. Harvest 130 Firelight Mushroom (Harvest in 23 Hours)
  3. Raise Saving Salve to Level 3 in Alchemist's Shop
Helpful Tips:
10 ScarvesGolem
Farmer has given me the courage to say, I love you, too, Merick.

You know what? This gives me the courage I need. I'll return as prince!
Quest 6Accepting ResponsibilityItem to Ask Reward 
  1. Get 12 Acceptance Letters
  2. Harvest 150 Fairy Blossom (Harvest in 23 Hours)
  3. Craft Golem Stone 2 Times in Alchemist's Shop
Red Fairy Dragicorn
Helpful Tips:
12 Acceptance LettersRed Fairy Dragicorn
I feel on top of the kingdom! Wait! Does this mean you'll stay, all of you?

In case you find any errors in the guide, please inform us in comments below. And if you find this guide helpful do share it with your friends. Also do check back this post because as we know more we add here. ~~~ Happy Questing ~~~
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