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Farmville Crafting "Sparkle Lights" Recipes Chart

Howdy Planetiers! This is Farmer @nky and in this post I'm going to tell you how you can get "Sparkle Lights" to unwrap your Hollybright Tree Rewards.
There are two ways to get Sparkle Lights in Farmville:

  1. By Crafting them in the Craftshop.
  2. By Harvesting any Holiday Lights Crop.

Below you can see a chart showing you all the recipes which gives Sparkle Lights when crafted at Farmville Craftshop.

NameTotal Bushels NeededRecipe TimeBushel 1Bushel 2Bushel 3How many Sparkle Lights Give?
Sparkle Lights Bucket
Sparkle Lights Bucket
98 Hours
3 Glass Icicle

3 Holiday Stained Glass

3 Auroral Rosemary

Sparkle Lights Bucket will give only 1 Sparkle Light
Farmville Sparkle Lights Crate
Sparkle Lights Crate
1210 Hours

4 Glass Candle

4 Glass Pinwheel

4 Roasting Chestnuts

Sparkle Lights Crate will give 3 Sparkle Lights
Farmville Sparkle Lights Chest
Sparkle Lights Chest
1512 Hours

5 Frosted Poinsettia

5 Glass Candycane

5 Sugar n Sprites

Sparkle Lights Chest will give 5 Sparkle Lights

Do you know any other way to get Sparkle Lights? If Yes, then please let us know.
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