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Farmville Holiday Lights Farm: Holly Bright Park

Farmville Holiday Lights Farm has its own unique crafting building named as "Holly Bright Park" where you can craft some delicious goods and win awesome prizes. Below you can find our special sneak peek for this crafting building with the list of goods which you can craft in it.

Different stages of the Holly Bright Park:
Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3
Stage 4

Animation of the Holly Bright Park:

Expected prizes are shown below:
Holiday Cheer HorseSparkle Hoof Pegacorn
    Snow Sparkle Deer
    Holiday Cheer HorseSparkle Hoof PegacornSnow Sparkle Deer
    Holiday Cheer FoalSparkle Hoof Pegacorn FoalSnow Sparkle Fawn
    Holiday Cheer FoalSparkle Hoof Pegacorn FoalSnow Sparkle Fawn

    List of goods which can be crafted in the Holly Bright Park:

    Gold Stars
    Harness Straps
    Holiday Feed
    Holiday Feed Bag
    Holiday Reins
    Holiday Rubber Ball
    Holly Bright Fillament
    Holly Bright Salt Lick
    Holly Bright Tokens
    Holly Bright Whistle
    Icy Rope
    Lead Line
    Lucky Horse Shoes
    Sparkle Water Trough
    Sparkle Water Tub
    Sparkle Water Bottle
    Target Pole
    Training Clicker

    Squeaker Fish

    Stuffed Bone Toy
    Snow Scarves
    Icicle Spike
    Bright Shine Metal
    Charity Chest
    Donation Drive

    Enrichment Toys

    Giving Basket

    Giving Candle

    Giving Tree Stump

    Holiday Light

    Holiday Sparkle-Sicle

    Holly Bright Cookie Treat

    Holly Brite Frost

    Light Floats

    Peppermint Tug Toy

    Slush Cones

    Snowflake Spell

    Sparkle Water Bucket

    Tungsten Stone

    Winter Magic Wand
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