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Farmville Emerald Valley Farm: Munchkin Country Buildable Information

Farmville Emerald Valley Farm: Munchkin Country Buildable Information The Farmville Emerald Valley Farm will have another buildable named as the " Munchkin Country " and it will have 6 stages to build. This building works similar to the previously released Hollybright Tree from Holiday Lights Farm.

We have found some unreleased images of the Munchkin Country building and some possible prizes which you can redeem from the Munchkin Country so check out them below and if you find this page informative do share it with your farming friends.

Munchkin Country has 6 stages to build:

Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2
Farmville Emerald Valley Farm: Munchkin Country Buildable Information
Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
Stage 6

The Arrival Popup for the feature:

Look inside the Munchkin Country:

You will see a similar popup shown below, when you redeem a prize from the Munchkin Country.

You need Munchkin Hats to unwrap the Munchkin Country Prizes.

Munchkin Hats can be crafted at the Craftshop with 3 different options to craft.

  1. Munchkin Hat Bucket - Gives 1 Munchkin Hat Part - 8hrs - 9 bushles Needed
  2. Munchkin Hat Crate - Gives 3 Munchkin Hat Part - 10hrs - 12 bushles Needed
  3. Munchkin Hat Chest - Gives 5 Munchkin Hat Part - 12hrs - 15 bushles Needed

NameTotal Bushels NeededRecipe TimeBushel 1Bushel 2Bushel 3How many Munchkin Hats Give?
Munchkin Hat Bucket
Munchkin Hat Bucket
98 Hours
3 Whirling Buds Bushel

3 Jade Spiralis Bushel

3 Crystal Cranberries Bushel

Munchkin Hat Bucket will give only 1 Munchkin Hat
Munchkin Hat Crate
Munchkin Hat Crate
1210 Hours

4 Balloon Melons Bushel

4 Yellow Brick Beets Bushel

4 Azure Corn Bushel

Munchkin Hat Crate will give 3 Munchkin Hat
Munchkin Hat Chest
Munchkin Hat Chest
1512 Hours

5 Munchkin Flower Bushel

5 Coil Lily Bushel

5 Red Poppy Bushel

Munchkin Hat Chest will give 5 Munchkin Hat

Parts required to build the Munchkin Country and a confirmed reward for each level:

LevelsParts RequiredRewards
Level 1 »»»»Munchkin Goat
1 Munchkin HatsMunchkin Goat
Level 2 »»»»Super Fertilizer
3x Munchkin HatsSuper Fertilizer
Level 3 »»»»Twirled Leaves Tree
4x Munchkin HatsTwirled Leaves Tree
Level 4 »»»»Scarecrow Pony
5x Munchkin HatsScarecrow Pony
Level 5 »»»»Instagrow
6x Munchkin HatsInstagrow
Level 6 »»»»Golden Tabby Cat
7x Munchkin HatsGolden Tabby Cat
Level 7 »»»»Munchkin Post Office
8 x Munchkin HatsMunchkin Post Office
Level 8 »»»»3 Pack of Turbo Charges
9x Munchkin Hats3 Pack of Turbo Charges
Level 9 »»»»Shaggy Cow
10x Munchkin HatsShaggy Cow
Level 10 »»»»Package of Emerald Valley Treasure Parts
12x Munchkin HatsPackage of Emerald Valley Treasure Parts
Level 11 »»»»Munchkin Mayor
13x Munchkin HatsMunchkin Mayor
Level 12 »»»»5 Farmhands
15x Munchkin Hats5 Farmhands
Level 13 »»»»Munchkin Chicken
19x Munchkin HatsMunchkin Chicken
Level 14 »»»»Super Fertilizer
21x Munchkin Hats3 Super Fertilizer
Level 15 »»»»Twilight Rainbow Duck
22x Munchkin HatsTwilight Rainbow Duck
Level 16 »»»»Instagrow
25x Munchkin Hats1 Instagrow
Level 17 »»»»Sun Magic Pegacorn
27x Munchkin HatsSun Magic Pegacorn
Level 18 »»»»3 Pack of Turbo Charges
30x Munchkin Hats3 Pack of Turbo Charges
Level 19 »»»»Munchkin Park Square
35x Munchkin HatsMunchkin Park Square
Level 20 »»»»Arborists
38x Munchkin Hats5 Arborists
Level 21 »»»»Munchkin Town Hall
43x Munchkin HatsMunchkin Town Hall
Level 22 »»»»3 Pack of Instagrows
46x Munchkin Hats3 Pack of Instagrows
Level 23 »»»»Munchkin Clock Tower
50x Munchkin HatsMunchkin Clock Tower
Level 24 »»»»Package of Emerald Valley Treasure Parts
55x Munchkin HatsPackage of Emerald Valley Treasure Parts
Level 25 »»»»Rainbow Ribbon Sheep
60x Munchkin HatsRainbow Ribbon Sheep
Level 26 »»»»3 Pack of Turbo Charges
65x Munchkin Hats3 Pack of Turbo Charges
Level 27 »»»»Munchkin Carriage
75x Munchkin HatsMunchkin Carriage
Level 28 »»»»Rainbow Tree
85x Munchkin HatsRainbow Tree
Level 29 »»»»Poppy Shrub Tree
90x Munchkin HatsPoppy Shrub Tree
Level 30 »»»»Rainbow Magic PegacornEmerald Valley Unwither Ring
95x Munchkin HatsRainbow Magic Pegacorn and a Emerald Valley Unwither Ring
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