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Farmville Emerald Valley Farm: Trees - Fresh Images!

It seems like pretty soon we are going to have an Emerald Valley Farm (expansion) in FarmVille. We have already shown you its First look, in our previous article if you missed that, you can look into that here. Now we have spotted some beautiful Trees from Emerald Valley so take a look at these Unreleased Images below and enjoy the eye candy and if you notice this page informative do share it with your gaming friends.

Farmville Emerald Valley Farm Trees
Emerald Heart TreeRainbow Spirals TreeYellow Brick Tree
Giant Emerald Heart TreeGiant Rainbow Spirals TreeGiant Yellow Brick Tree
Twister Bubble TreeRainbow Clouds TreeFlower Bubble Tree
Giant Twister Bubble TreeGiant Rainbow Clouds TreeGiant Flower Bubble Tree
Twirled Leaves TreeVerdigris Spiral TreeHeart Print Tree
Giant Twirled Leaves TreeGiant Verdigris Spiral TreeGiant Heart Print Tree
Spiral Works TreeEmerald Bubble TreeCrystal Wand Tree
Giant Spiral Works TreeGiant Emerald Bubble TreeGiant Crystal Wand Tree
Crackle Blue TreeEmerald Mulga TreeGolden Coin Tree
Giant Crackle Blue TreeGiant Emerald Mulga TreeGiant Golden Coin Tree
Emerald Spire TreeFlower Key TreeGrinding Gears Tree
Giant Emerald Spire TreeGiant Flower Key TreeGiant Grinding Gears Tree
Hay Tassle TreeHeart Medallion TreeGear Flower Tree
Giant Hay Tassle TreeGiant Heart Medallion TreeGiant Gear Flower Tree
Tuft Bow TreeTin Top TreeTinker Trunk Tree
Giant Tuft Bow TreeGiant Tin Top TreeGiant Tinker Trunk Tree
Spiral Trunk TreeRainbow Willow TreeMagic Oak Twirl Tree
Giant Spiral Trunk TreeGiant Rainbow Willow TreeGiant Magic Oak Twirl Tree
Silver Shoes TreeRainbow Twister TreeRainbow Tree
Giant Silver Shoes TreeGiant Rainbow Twister TreeGiant Rainbow Tree
Rainbow Lily TreePoppy Shrub TreePoppy Flowers Tree
Giant Rainbow Lily TreeGiant Poppy Shrub TreeGiant Poppy Flowers Tree
Curled Maple TreeCurled Glass Pine TreeCurled Tree
Giant Curled Maple TreeGiant Curled Glass Pine TreeGiant Curled Tree
Emerald Swirl TreeEmerald Wand TreeEver Blue and Gold Tree
Giant Emerald Swirl TreeGiant Emerald Wand TreeGiant Ever Blue and Gold Tree
Folded Ribbons TreeGrab Apple TreeMagic Water Bucket Tree
Giant Folded Ribbons TreeGiant Grab Apple TreeGiant Magic Water Bucket Tree

Check out all the above trees and let us know which is your favorite one in the comments below...
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