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Farmville Lemon Everything Quest Guide With Tips!

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Quest Story:- It's Springtime, and as usual, I've been hit with a seasonal stroke of pure genius! Lemon is one of the best tastes of the season. I think it's THE best, actually. This week, we're making LEMON EVERYTHING!

Farmville Lemon Everything Quest Guide With Tips!
Start Time13th March, 2014
End Time: 27th March, 2014

Note:- These are all farm quests and should be repeatable. Quests requirements can be changed anytime as how Zynga Updates them. We do our best to keep you updated ASAP.

Lemon is key, here. Lemon, lemon zest, lemon extract, lemon drizzle, lemon juice... You name it, we need it all.
Quest 1Lemon Everything!Item to Ask Reward
  1. Get 7 Lemon Everything
  2. Harvest 60 Rye (Harvest in 20 hrs)
  3. Make 3 Yogurt in the Dairy
Lemon Chicken
Helpful Tips:For 3:- To make 3 Yogurt you need these Ingredients - 3 Milk and 3 Culture.7 Lemon EverythingLemon Chicken
That yogurt turned out perfect. Well done! Let's keep going.

Have you tried my world famous Rollie's Ricottoa Lemon Almond Fingers? Of course you have!
Quest 2Rollie's FingersItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 8 Ricotta
  2. Harvest 90 Morning Glory (Harvest in 12 hrs) 
  3. Harvest Lemon Chicken 2 Times
Lemon Fountain
Helpful Tips:For 3:- Harvest the Lemon Chicken in the Chicken Coop or Aviary.8 RicottaLemon Fountain
A fountain of lemon, huh? Where was this when we needed the lemon?

Sometimes, you add ingredients for taste. Sometimes, you add them just for color.
Quest 3Color ManItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 9 Pistachios
  2. Harvest 120 Chickpeas (Harvest in 20 hrs) 
  3. Make 2 Vanilla Milkshake in the Dairy
Book of XP
Helpful Tips:For 3:- To make 2 Vanilla Milkshake you need these Ingredients - 4 Cream and 4 Vanilla.9 PistachiosBook of XP
Thanks for all the help. You deserve a level up!

In case I haven't mentioned it yet, you are under agreement not to discuss my recipes.
Quest 4Lemon MeringueItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 10 Meringue
  2. Harvest 150 Soybeans (Harvest in 24 hrs) 
  3. Make 1 Chocolate Kefir in the Dairy
Lemon Meringue Tree
Helpful Tips:For 3:- To make 1 Chocolate Kefir you need these Ingredients - 2 Kefir and 2 Cocoa.10 MeringueLemon Meringue Tree
Oh, heck yeah! I'm getting one of those trees for my backyard, for sure!

Being the forward thinking chef that I am, I'm already thinking of what we'll make this Summer. Maybe strawberry everything...
Quest 5Go Nuts!Item to Ask Reward
  1. Get 10 Almonds
  2. Harvest 180 Broccoli (Harvest in 48 hrs) 
  3. Craft 3 Mint Lotions in the Spa
Lemon Cow
Helpful Tips:For 3:- To craft 3 Mint Lotions you need 6 Mint Candy, 9 Aloe Vera and 9 Lilac bushels.
Note:- Mint Lotions requires a 2 star spa.
10 AlmondsLemon Cow
I'm pretty happy with the way things are going. You're a great Assistant Executive Chef!

Dessert time! Lemon and cream make a great combo!
Quest 6Cream for the CropItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 11 Cream
  2. Harvest 180 Sunflowers (Harvest in 24 hrs) 
  3. Harvest Lemon Cow 2 Times
Helpful Tips:Harvest the Lemon Cow in the Dairy Barn or Pasture.11 CreamUnwither
How much you want for that cow, farmer? Let's make a deal...

The Food Channel came to my restaurant in Lighthouse Cove for an interview today. What? No, I didn't mention you. Should I have?
Quest 7The Sugar BowlItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 12 Sugar Bowl
  2. Harvest 200 Bell Pepper (Harvest in 48 hrs) 
  3. Make 3 Hoof Picks in the Elite Horses
Lemon Pegasus
Helpful Tips:For 3:- To make 3 Hoof Pick you need 9 Grooming Kit.
You can craft Hoof Pick at the Grooming stable station of Elite Horses and it will take 10 mins to get ready.
12 Sugar BowlLemon Pegasus
Sorry about the snub, farmer. Thus is the life of the assistant, though. Stick with me. You'll get there.

Ok, ok. I'll start giving you a little more credit. As soon as you help me with a few more things.
Quest 8Credit Where It's DueItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 13 Flour Bowl
  2. Harvest 220 Cabbages (Harvest in 48 hrs) 
  3. Master Lemon Cow to 1 Star
3 Pack of Turbo Chargers
Helpful Tips:Harvest the Lemon Cow in the Dairy Barn or Pasture.13 Flour Bowl3 Pack of Turbo Chargers
Thanks for the milk. I have an interview about how I make it later tonight. I'd invite you, but you'll be busy with the next recipe.

The cow is a gold mine! People cant get enough of my Lemon Milk! Let's really blow this last recipe out. I've got an idea.
Quest 9Grand FinaleItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 14 Butter
  2. Harvest 240 Golden Poppies (Harvest in 24 hrs) 
  3. Make 1 Strawberry Ice Cream in the Dairy
Lemon Pegacorn
Helpful Tips:For 3:- To make 1 Strawberry Ice Cream you need these Ingredients - 1 Cream, 1 Strawberry Milkshake and 2 Strawberry.14 Butter Lemon Pegacorn
You did a GREAT job, but... Everyone knows you made that ice cream! Don't you know the assistant is supposed to stay out of the spotlight?!

Farmville Lemon Everything Quest Guide With Tips!In case you find any errors in the guide, please inform us in comments below.

And if you find this guide helpful do share it with your friends.

Also do check back this post because as we know more we add here.

~~~ Happy Questing ~~~

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