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Farmville Vegas Honeymoon! Quest Guide With Tips!

Quest Story:- Londa and I want to thank all of you farmers for helping us with our wedding. The gifts from the Farm Stand were PERFECT! We have one last adventure we'd like your help with. Next stop: VEGAS!

Ta-daa! Dressing up is so much fun! I'm thinking this Mardi Gras dress would be fun to wear in Vegas... But what about shoes?

Start Time: 20th March, 2014
End Time: 3rd April, 2014

Note:- These are all farm quests and should be repeatable. Quests requirements can be changed anytime as how Zynga Updates them. We do our best to keep you updated ASAP.

That's right! Londa and I both think Vegas is the perfect Honeymoon spot for us. The lights, the action, the sun... I CAN'T WAIT!
Quest 1Vegas, Baby!Item to Ask Reward
  1. Get 7 Lucky Dice
  2. Harvest 60 Canning Peaches (Harvest in 24 hrs) 
  3. Make 1 Strawberry Ice Cream in the Dairy
Munchkin Duck
Helpful Tips:For 3:- To make 1 Strawberry Ice Cream you need these Ingredients - 1 Cream, 1 Strawberry Milkshake and 2 Strawberry.7 Lucky DiceMunchkin Duck
I'm going to Vegas on my honeymoon with the most beautiful lady in the world. Life is good.

Londa mentioned she wanted "rock star status" in Vegas. I think I know just the thing to get that started.
Quest 2The Future's So Bright...Item to Ask Reward
  1. Get 8 Rock Star Sunglasses
  2. Harvest 90 Sunburst Orchid (Harvest in 12 hrs) 
  3. Harvest Munchkin Duck 2 Times
Rockstar Gnome
Helpful Tips:For 3:- Harvest the Munchkin Duck in the Aviary.8 Rock Star SunglassesRockstar Gnome
We're going to look like real VIPs with these glasses on!

Londa likes to shop. Me, I'm more into playing cards. I should probably practice up before we leave.
Quest 3Brushing UpItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 9 Playing Cards
  2. Harvest 120 Elephant Peanut (Harvest in 16 hrs) 
  3. Make 1 Chocolate Kefir in the Dairy
Super Fertilizer
Helpful Tips:For 3:- To make 1 Chocolate Kefir you need these Ingredients - 2 Kefir and 2 Cocoa.9 Playing CardsSuper Fertilizer
Londa has been trying on all of her best dresses, deciding what to wear in Vegas. How can a newlywed concentrate with all that going on?

What are you looking at me for, farmer? If Londa says she needs shoes, you had better get some shoes!
Quest 4Party ShoesItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 10 Party Shoes
  2. Harvest 150 Lavender Lily (Harvest in 12 hrs) 
  3. Make 2 Vanilla Milkshake in the Dairy
Emerald Ribbon Tree
Helpful Tips:For 3:- To make 2 Vanilla Milkshake you need these Ingredients - 4 Cream and 4 Vanilla.10 Party ShoesEmerald Ribbon Tree
WHEW! You got the shoes! High-five!

The thing about Vegas, it's HOT. it's in the desert, you know.
Quest 5Baby, It's Hot OutsideItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 10 Summer Clothes
  2. Harvest 180 Bell Pepper (Harvest in 48 hrs) 
  3. Make 3 Hoof Picks in the Elite Horses
Reverse Belted Cow
Helpful Tips:For 3:- To make 3 Hoof Pick you need 9 Grooming Kit.
You can craft Hoof Pick at the Grooming stable station of Elite Horses and it will take 10 mins to get ready.
10 Summer ClothesReverse Belted Cow
Awesome! How did your friends know I wear size bigfoot? it's hard to find!

Since Londa's a sheriff and I'm a Lumberjack, we don't have time to get fancy very often. In Vegas, we plan to get real fancy.
Quest 6Cleaning Up NiceItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 11 Fancy Clothes
  2. Harvest 180 Dynamite Pepper (Harvest in 15 hrs) 
  3. Harvest Reverse Belted Cow 2 Times
Book of XP
Helpful Tips:For 3:- Harvest the Reverse Belted Cow in the Dairy Barn or Pasture.11 Fancy ClothesBook of XP
Thanks for the fancy duds! We'll send you some pictures.

Londa and I are deeply in love. There is no doubting that. But, sometimes, we have a hard time agreeing on what movies to see. Vegas shows are no different.
Quest 7ShowtimeItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 12 Show Tickets
  2. Harvest 200 Cabbages (Harvest in 48 hrs) 
  3. Craft 2 Farmer's Frenzy Perfume in the Spa
Helpful Tips:For 3:- To craft 2 Farmer's Frenzy Perfume you need 2 Ginger, 1 Lavender and 2 Lilac Bushel 2 Purple Poppy bushels.12 Show TicketsMooonicorn
WOW! Both of us will enjoy all of these! How did you do it, farmer?

I wonder how much lumber it takes to build one of these hotels.
Quest 8Table for TwoItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 13 Dinner Reservations
  2. Harvest 220 Broccoli (Harvest in 48 hrs) 
  3. Master Reverse Belted Cow to 1 Star
3 Pack of Turbo Chargers
Helpful Tips:For 3:- Harvest the Reverse Belted Cow in the Dairy Barn or Pasture.13 Dinner Reservations3 Pack of Turbo Chargers
We're ready for our honeymoon! What's that? Sure, I think we can stick around for one more thing...

Aw, shucks. You want to see us off? How sweet!
Quest 9Bon Voyage!Item to Ask Reward
  1. Get 14 Best Wishes
  2. Harvest 240 Popcorn (Harvest in 24 hrs) 
  3. Make 3 Yogurt in the Dairy
Moon Magic Pegacorn
Helpful Tips:For 3:- To make 3 Yogurt you need these Ingredients - 3 Milk and 3 Culture.14 Best WishesMoon Magic Pegacorn
Thanks to you, this is going to be the best honeymoon, ever! Until next time, farmer!

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~~~ Happy Questing ~~~
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