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FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 5 Quest Guide

Quest Story:- Hello, Angelo. Have room for 1 for dinner this evening? I'm going dancing in my new dress later. I'm so excited! Maybe I'll see the nice man who made this dress possible while I'm out...

Mama Mia! Itsa Carmen! Of course, of course, my dear. Anything for you. Anytime. We are honored to serve you!

FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 5 Quest
Start Time:- 12th May, 2014
End Time:- 19th May, 2014.

Note:- These quests are repeatable and specific to the Mediterranean Riviera Farm only. Hence, before placing any quest item on other farms, make sure that the quest icon appears on that farm too, else their harvests might not count. Quests requirements can be changed anytime as how Zynga Updates them. We do our best to keep you updated ASAP.

Quest Walkthrough with lots of helpful tips!

Love Walked In

Farmer, you musta help me. Itsa not evey day that the most beautiful lady in the land graces your ristorante with her presence!
Quest 1Vino!Item to Ask Reward
FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 5 Quest
  1. Get 7 Fine Wine
  2. Harvest 35 Orange Bell Pepper (Harvest in 24 hrs)
  3. Make 4 Silk Scarves in the Loom Enclosure station of Azure Emporium
7 Fine WineOrange Glass Whelp
Helpful Tips:For 3:- To make 4 Silk Scarves you need these ingredients: 8 Fine Silk and 4 Large Fountain Base.7 Fine WineOrange Glass Whelp
Good start! Now, please. Let's not stoppa now!

Imma gonna teach you a little bit about my cuisine while we work.
Quest 2L'antipastoItem to Ask Reward
FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 5 Quest
  1. Get 8 L'antipasto
  2. Harvest 50 Sea Lavender (Harvest in 24 hrs)
  3. Harvest Orange Glass Whelp 2 Times
8 L'antipastoFlamenco Flower Fountain
Helpful Tips:For 3:- Harvest the Orange Glass Whelp in the Playpen.8 L'antipastoFlamenco Flower Fountain
This meal must be my best. You will be a part of Mediterranean history tonight, farmer!

The first course! Imma make my finest zuppa!
Quest 3Il primoItem to Ask Reward
FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 5 Quest
  1. Get 9 Il primo
  2. Harvest 60 Lowland Pistachios (Harvest in 14 hrs)
  3. Craft 3 Roasted Pepper Hummus in the Blue Sea Cafe
9 Il primoGolden Cypress Tree
Helpful Tips:For 3:- To craft 3 Roasted Pepper Hummus you need 9 Brush Olive, 9 Sol Chickpeas and 9 Orange Bell Pepper bushels.9 Il primoGolden Cypress Tree
The zuppa smells heavenly! Imma genius! Next course!

The main course! Here, I cannot fail.
Quest 4Il secondoItem to Ask Reward
FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 5 Quest
  1. Get 9 Il secondo
  2. Harvest 70 Lima Bean (Harvest in 10 hrs)
  3. Make 2 Silk Jackets in the Azure Emporium
9 Il secondoRoman Helm Duck
Helpful Tips:For 3:- To make 2 Silk Jackets you need these ingredients: 4 Silk Stockings, 2 Statue Base and 2 Wooly Socks.9 Il secondoRoman Helm Duck
Imma gonna be so proud to serve this meal to lady Carmen.

The side dishes! I almost forgot. My mind is already on dessert. My mind is always on dessert, really.
Quest 5Il contornoItem to Ask Reward
FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 5 Quest
  1. Get 10 Il contorno
  2. Harvest 85 Brush Olive (Harvest in 20 hrs)
  3. Harvest Roman Helm Duck 2 Times
10 Il contornoAndalusian Unicorn
Helpful Tips:For 3:- Harvest the Roman Helm Duck in the Aviary or Duck Pond.10 Il contornoAndalusian Unicorn
We're almost done! The best part reamains!

Dessert, of course! The best part has arrived!
Quest 6Il dulcheItem to Ask Reward
FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 5 Quest
  1. Get 12 Il dolche
  2. Harvest 100 Aqua Cantaloupe (Harvest in 72 hrs)
  3. Craft 3 Tiramisu Slices in the Blue Sea Cafe
12 Il dolcheVenetian Pegacorn
Helpful Tips:For 3:- To craft 3 Tiramisu Slices you need 9 Freckled White Grape, 9 Cardoon and 9 Fuchsia Bougainvillea bushels.12 Il dolcheVenetian Pegacorn
Imma 'bout ready to serve... but who is this I see approaching the ristorante?

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