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FarmVille Oasis Gardens Chapter 1 Quest Guide

Quest Story:- Greetings! I am Salazar, once the most famous merchant across the deserts, but now a storyteller. I hope to kindle in you the fire to unearth the secrets that hide beneath these sand dunes. Do you wish to hear about the mysterious land of Zezura? 

FarmVille Oasis Gardens Chapter 1 Quest Guide
Quest Start Time:- 2nd June, 2014
Quest End Time:- 8th June, 2014.

Note:- These quests are repeatable and specific to the Oasis Gardens Farm only. Hence, before placing any quest item on other farms, make sure that the quest icon appears on that farm too, else their harvests might not count. Quests requirements can be changed anytime as how Zynga Updates them. We do our best to keep you updated ASAP.

Quest Walkthrough with lots of helpful tips!

Sand, Sweat and Tears

Listening to stories on long walks is great, but make sure you're ready to deal with the intense heat!
Quest 1It's Getting Hot in HereItem to Ask Reward
FarmVille Oasis Gardens Chapter 1 Quest Guide
  1. Get 7 Lip Balm
  2. Harvest 35 Violets (Harvest in 4 hours)
  3. Craft 2 Jewel Chests in the Cairo Boutique
7 Lip BalmEgyptian Cow
Helpful Tips:For 3:-7 Lip Balm Egyptian Cow
I know you are excited now, Farmer! Patience! A good storytelller paces himself.

The Queen of Zezura, Fatima, left the beautiful oasis when she was very young.
Quest 2Humble BeginningsItem to Ask Reward 1Reward 2
  1. Get 8 Hiking Shorts
  2. Harvest 50 Lavender Alfalfa (Harvest in 14 hours)
  3. Craft 3 Embellished Mirrors in the Cairo Boutique
8 Hiking ShortsTrade Camel2 Super Fertilizer
Helpful Tips:For 3:-8 Hiking ShortsTrade Camel2 Super Fertilizer
Maybe you can help her, Farmer? I am merely making suggestions.

I last saw the Queen when she was but a child. Who knows what she looks like now?
Quest 3It's Always Sunny in the DesertItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 9 Liner Socks
  2. Harvest 60 Arabian Onion (Harvest in 20 hours)
  3. Craft 3 Assorted Candles in the Cairo Boutique
9 Liner SocksBlood Red Bloom Tree
Helpful Tips:For 3:-9 Liner SocksBlood Red Bloom Tree
I shall continue the story of the Queen, Farmer. For now, you should rest.

On with the story, then. The Queen's mother and the then King had an argument.
Quest 4Down on the DunesItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 9 Sun Hat
  2. Harvest 70 Popped Sorghum (Harvest in 24 hours)
  3. Make 3 Park Benches in the Arabian Stallions
9 Sun HatEgyptian Stallion
Helpful Tips:For 3:-9 Sun HatEgyptian Stallion
With the passage of time, some wounds heal, Farmer. But some don't.

Farmer, if you are willing, I will accompany you on a search for Fatima.
Quest 5Search PartyItem to Ask Reward 1Reward 2
  1. Get 10 Desert Bandanna
  2. Harvest 85 Twisted Cowpea (Harvest in 24 hours)
  3. Craft 2 Beaded Wristlet in the Cairo Boutique
10 Desert BandannaGold Fennec Fox2 Super Fertilizer
Helpful Tips:For 3:-10 Desert BandannaGold Fennec Fox2 Super Fertilizer
Think about it, Farmer. Even in this hot desert, things of beauty exist - like the oasis Zezura!

Ever since Fatima and her family left, Zezura has not been doing too well. It is becoming an unhappy place.
Quest 6Sunny Days AheadItem to Ask Reward
  1. Get 12 Desert Headlamp
  2. Harvest 100 Crafted Melon (Harvest in 72 hours)
  3. Master Egyptian Cow to 1 Star (Total 5 harvests)
12 Desert HeadlampPharaoh's Pegacorn
Helpful Tips:For 3:-12 Desert Headlamp  Pharaoh's Pegacorn
You'll help, Farmer! Oh, that's the greatest news ever! This is going to be the best journey of your life!

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