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FarmVille Juice It Up Quest Guide

Quest Story :- Sup Farmer? The sun is shining bright and the heat has been draining all the farmers of their vital minerals. I've been thinking I should share some of my really awesome juices to help y'all stay energized while you grow your farms! So here's the plan, brah... We start preparing some of my rejuvenating juices and share them with folks on my frontyard. What say?

FarmVille Juice It Up Quest GuideStart Time 10th July, 2014
End Time : 24th July, 2014

Note :- These are all farm quests and should be repeatable. Quests requirements can be changed anytime as how Zynga Updates them. We do our best to keep you updated ASAP.

Farmville Juice It Up!

Let's get rolling! First off, let's get all the ingredients for the most vital drinks ready...
Quest 1 Juice It Up: Part 1 Item to Ask  Reward
  1. Get 7 Juice Mixer
  2. Harvest 60 Celery (Harvest in 24 hrs)
  3. Make 2 Herbal Lotion in your Spa
7 Juice Mixer Farmhand
Helpful Tips: For 3:- Requires a 1 Star Spa.
To make 2 Herbal Lotion you need 8 Aloe Vera and 8 Green Tea bushels.
7 Juice Mixer  1 Farmhand
That's getting done with that...

Let's see now... What do we need next?
Quest 2 Juice It Up: Part 2 Item to Ask  Reward
  1. Get 8 Juice Glasses
  2. Harvest 90 Grape (Harvest in 24 hrs)
  3. Make 2 Relaxation Oil in your Spa
8 Juice Glasses Fertilize All
Helpful Tips: For 3:-  Requires a 2 Star Spa.
To make 2 Relaxation Oil you need 8 Blackberry and 8 Morning Glory bushels.
8 Juice Glasses 1 Fertilize All
Alright! We're getting through with things real well, brah!

Am thinking folks would like some sweet treats if they are going to have more of my healthy juices...
Quest 3 Juice It Up: Part 3 Item to Ask  Reward
  1. Get 9 Sugar Syrup
  2. Harvest 120 Appleberries (Harvest in 24 hrs)
  3. Make 2 Ice Cream Carrot Cake in your Bakery
9 Sugar Syrup    Apple Juice Tree 
Helpful Tips: For 3:-  Ice Cream Carrot Cake can be made in a 1 Star Bakery.
To make 2 Ice Cream Carrot Cake you need 6 Carrotcicle, 4 Sugar Cane and 4 Coffee bushels.
9 Sugar Syrup Apple Juice Tree
Oh yeah! This is going better than I thought it would!

If we're serving my juices in the sun, we're going to need some good sun protection!
Quest 4 Juice It Up: Part 4 Item to Ask  Reward
  1. Get 10 Drink Umbrella
  2. Harvest 150 Canning Peaches (Harvest in 24 hrs)
  3. Make 2 Patty Pan Tart in your Bakery
10 Drink Umbrella Unwither
Helpful Tips: For 3:- Patty Pan Tart can be made in a 2 Star Bakery.
To make 2 Patty Pan Tart you need 6 Pattypan, 4 Onion and 6 Rice bushels.
10 Drink Umbrella 1 Unwither
Brah, this is turning out just great... Let's get rolling to our next set of stuff to do!

We could actually use some of the gear that I showcased on my latest infomercial last week!
Quest 5 Juice It Up: Part 5 Item to Ask  Reward
  1. Get 10 Fruit Peelers
  2. Harvest 180 Sunflowers (Harvest in 24 hrs)
  3. Harvest Apple juice Tree 2 Times
Classy Rooster
Helpful Tips: For 3:- Harvest the Apple Juice Tree in your Orchard or Groves. 10 Fruit Peelers Classy Rooster
Ooh yeah! That's the way we roll!

Have you ever been to a fireworks festival before, Farmer! They're the best!
Quest 6 Juice It Up: Part 6 Item to Ask  Reward
  1. Get 11 Salted Apples
  2. Harvest 180 Blue Rose (Harvest in 24 hrs)
  3. Make 3 Raspberry Blondie in your Bakery
Strawberry Cream Cow
Helpful Tips: For 3:- Raspberry Blondie can be made in a 3 Star Bakery.
To make 3 Raspberry Blondie you need 6 Wheat, 9 Rice and 9 Raspberry bushels.
11 Salted Apples Strawberry Cream Cow
We are done with this already? How about sharing some of your tips n' tricks, now eh?

What's this I hear about you being busy during the festival? You better be there!
Quest 7 Juice It Up: Part 7 Item to Ask  Reward
  1. Get 12 Peeled Oranges
  2. Harvest 200 Red Tulip (Harvest in 24 hrs)
  3. Make 4 Daffodil Spirits in your Winery
Dragon Applebottom
Helpful Tips: For 3:- Daffodil Spirits can be made in a 3 Star Winery.
To make 4 Daffodil Spirits you need 16 Daffodil, 16 Raspberry and 16 Gladiolus bushels.
12 Peeled Oranges Dragon Applebottom
Whoa! We are almost there... You are simply incredible!

Look at all this stuff that we have ready. People are going to love my free juices!
Quest 8 Juice It Up: Part 8 Item to Ask  Reward
  1. Get 13 Fresh Blue Berries
  2. Harvest 220 Broccoli (Harvest in 48 hrs)
  3. Harvest Strawberry Cream Cow 2 Times
Instagrow Potion
Helpful Tips: For 3:- Harvest the Strawberry Cream Cow in your Cow Pasture or Dairy barn. 13 Fresh Blue Berries 1 Instagrow Potion
I actually think we are doing better than I ever thought. You are fan-tastic!

Let's wrap this up and relax by the porch with a glass of juice. We have earned ourselves a glass to relax!
Quest 9 Juice It Up: Part 9 Item to Ask  Reward
  1. Get 14 Sliced Kiwi Fruit
  2. Harvest 240 Red Chrysanthemum (Harvest in 24 hrs)
  3. Master Dragon Applebottom to 1 Star
Orange Pegacorn
Helpful Tips: For 3:- Harvest the Dragon Applebottom in your Zoo Pen or Dragon Lair. 14 Sliced Kiwi Fruit  Orange Pegacorn
People are going to have a lip smacking time enjoying our juices! Great job partner!

FarmVille Juice It Up Quest Guide
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