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Farmville FairyTale Fields Chapter 9 Quest Guide

Quest Story:- Hello, Farmer! I'm sure you have been enjoying the journey as much as me! Wasn't it wonderful! So many happy fairies have filled this land! It is time to have a proper inauguration for this place! Fairytale Fields!

Farmville FairyTale Fields Chapter 9 Quest Guide
Start Time:- 15th September, 2014
End Time:- 22nd September, 2014.

Note:- These quests are repeatable and specific to the FairyTale Fields Farm only. Hence, before placing any quest item on other farms, make sure that the quest icon appears on that farm too, else their harvests might not count. Quests requirements can be changed anytime as how Zynga Updates them. We do our best to keep you updated ASAP.

Quest Walkthrough with lots of helpful tips!

Farmville Fairytale Finale

Now that we have our people, we need to establish this place and inaugurate!
Quest 1Finale: Part 1Item to Ask Reward
Farmville FairyTale Fields Chapter 9 Quest Guide
  1. Get 7 Barrel Flowers
  2. Harvest 35 White Squills (Harvest in 4 hours)
  3. Craft 2 Pixie Necklace in your Fairy Forum
7 Barrel FlowersMisty Magic Deer
Helpful Tips:For 3:- Pixie Necklaces can be made in a 1 Star Fairy Forum.

To craft 2 Pixie Necklaces you need 6 Red Jade Vine Bushels, 6 Bleeding Heart Bushels and 6 Purple Dianthus Bushels.
7 Barrel FlowersMisty Magic Deer
All sorts of people from the storybooks are here! Exciting, isn't it!?

A huge number of people come to this inauguration!
Quest 2Finale: Part 2Item to Ask Reward
Farmville FairyTale Fields Chapter 9 Quest Guide
  1. Get 8 Magic Lantern
  2. Harvest 50 Sandersonia Flowers (Harvest in 10 hours)
  3. Craft 2 Herbal Salves in your Fairy Forum
8 Magic LanternFairyland Gateway
Helpful Tips:For 3:- Herbal Salves can be made in a 1 Star Fairy Forum.

To craft 2 Herbal Salves you need 6 White Dianthus Bushels, 6 White Squills Bushels and 6 White Saffron Bushels.
8 Magic Lantern Fairyland Gateway
Chariots on rainbows are also possible here! I know I won't be surprised!

Look! I can see the fairies coming in as well! The land is almost completely filled!
Quest 3Finale: The Arrivals!Item to Ask Reward
Farmville FairyTale Fields Chapter 9 Quest Guide
  1. Get 9 Dragon Wings
  2. Harvest 60 Fairy Rhubarbs (Harvest in 16 hours)
  3. Make 3 Flower Wand in your Magic Garden
9 Dragon WingsStoryteller Tree
Helpful Tips:For 3:- Flower Wands is a 5 mins recipe.

To make 3 Flower Wands you need these Ingredients: 6 Coral Essence and 6 Charmed Water.

Flower Wands can be made at Coral Works Station of Magic Garden.
9 Dragon WingsStoryteller Tree
Gather everyone around farmer! Let's start our wonderful event!

Need to start! Where are the dragons! And the Wizards!
Quest 4Finale: The beginning!Item to Ask Reward
Farmville FairyTale Fields Chapter 9 Quest Guide
  1. Get 9 Magnifying Glass
  2. Harvest 70 Pixie Mushrooms (Harvest in 20 hours)
  3. Craft 3 Flower Wings in your Fairy Forum
9 Magnifying GlassGaurdian Corgi
Helpful Tips:For 3:- Flower Wings can be made in a 3 Star Fairy Forum.

To craft 3 Flower Wings you need 9 Sky Radish Bushels, 9 Bleeding Heart Bushels and 9 Eggplant White Bushels.
9 Magnifying GlassGaurdian Corgi
The Dragons are here! The songs were true, you are truly a hero! You brought them back!

We are ready! We need a ruler! A Mayor! Someone wise!
Quest 5Finale: The Main EventItem to Ask Reward
Farmville FairyTale Fields Chapter 9 Quest Guide
  1. Get 10 Mayor Crown
  2. Harvest 85 Rainbow Carrots (Harvest in 23 hours)
  3. Harvest Gaurdian Corgi 2 Times
10 Mayor CrownFluffy Divine Cow 
Helpful Tips:For 3:- Harvest the Gaurdian Corgi in your Pet Run.10 Mayor CrownFluffy Divine Cow
You! Have been crowned the Mayor of the Fairytale Fields! Congratulations! The kingdom is yours!

It was wonderful to work along side you! This is a thanksgiving party! Enjoy!
Quest 6Finale: The EndItem to Ask Reward
Farmville FairyTale Fields Chapter 9 Quest Guide
  1. Get 12 Magical Keys
  2. Harvest 100 Mystical Cantaloupe (Harvest in 48 hours)
  3. Master Fluffy Divine Cow to 1 Star
12 Magical KeysFairy Rider Unicorn
Helpful Tips:For 3:- Harvest the Fluffy Divine Cow in your Cow Pasture or Dairy.12 Magical KeysFairy Rider Unicorn
Our journey ends here! You are a well-deserved Mayor of this Kingdom! May the fairies be with you!

Farmville FairyTale Fields Chapter 9 Quest Guide
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